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RUGGED IP Explosion Proof Starlight 30X Zoom Camera with IR Illuminator


MoviSight MS7002SS-30X-IR is 1080P 30X IP explosionproof camera with IR illuminator. It features1080P resolutionallowing users to surveillance and control through network from


After our reduplicated tests, this product is tough enough to with stand the most severe environment challenge. Especiallyin hazardous gas, vapour, dust, hyperthermal and explosive conditions, such as oil refineries, chemical factories and mines.


MS7002SS-30X-IR features 1080P(1920x1080) resolution and 30fps image quality. It supports both H.264 and MJPEG dual stream encoding. H.264 dual-stream encoding technology can provide high quality image and impove broadbandutilization. It enables video to reduce data volume and save storage space.

MS7002SS-30X-IR features real day/night switch. It provides30X optical zoom. Camera can still maintain video's legibility and accuracy even in the most severe working environment. With built-in 100 meters IR, camera works well in the dark environment also.

MS7002SS-30X-IR features IP68 protection level. It is madeof 316L stainless steel which represents the highest standards of current environmental protection. Window glass is made with toughened glass. It provides durability as well as legibility.

MS7002SS-30X-IR equips with automatic fan and heater.

VERINT Nextiva Compatible