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Makito X4


Haivision’s Makito X4 is a highly versatile 4K UHD and HD video encoder for low latency, broadcast quality streaming.

Makito X4 is a highly-secure, ultra low latency HEVC and H.264 video encoder, featuring exceptional video quality, next-gen performance, SRT streaming, and the highest available 4K UHD and HD encoding density. The Makito X4 is ideal for live broadcast contribution, remote production, enterprise, and defense applications.

Video encoder for low latency, broadcast quality streaming

The new Makito X4 offers power, quality and flexibility for real-time HEVC/AVC video encoding in a compact appliance or rack-mountable blade. Designed for the most demanding live video applications, the Makito X4 can ingest full 4K UHD or up to four HD inputs with 10-bit pixel depth and 4:2:2 chroma subsampling.

Extremely robust and always reliable, the Makito X4 offers 8 powerful encoding cores that can securely and simultaneously deliver low latency multi-bitrate streams over any IP network. And with native support for the SRT protocol, the Makito X4 is ideal for streaming over unpredictable networks such as the public internet.


Up to 8 encoding cores can encode and stream HEVC and H.264 with very low latency, which makes the Makito X4 ideally suited for interactive video applications such as live interviews as well as field contribution, backhaul, and return feed confidence monitoring. With Haivision’s unique StreamSync technology, the Makito X4 can also stream multiple camera feeds over IP for synchronized multi-cam playback enabling remote production and REMI workflows.


With a powerful encoding engine built on top of a programmable platform, the Makito X4 addresses a wide range of live video applications today and tomorrow, including 4K UHD, 10-bit and IP-based production workflows, ensuring that your live video workflows address today’s critical needs, and are flexible enough to adapt to your future low latency video encoding requirements.

POWERED BY SRT (Secure Reliable Transport)

Haivision’s Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) technology provides end-to-end security, resiliency and dynamic endpoint adjustment based on real-time network conditions to deliver the best video quality at all times.

With SRT, you can optimize video streaming across unpredictable networks, like the Internet, by assuring quality-of-service when faced with packet loss, jitter, latency, and fluctuating bandwidth.

SRT offers significant operational flexibility and cost savings over (or compared to) satellite or custom network infrastructures.

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