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Explosion Proof Water Pump Kit


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    MS-WP-SS-ATEX is a explosion-proof water pump kit,optional accessries for MoviSight explosion-proof seriesproducts. It consists of cabinet, pump, kettle and otheraccessories. User can control this water pump to spraywater with the spray nozzle installed on explosion proofcamera and clean the camera lens through software orcommands. After our reduplicated tests, this product istough enough to withstand most severe environmentchallenge. Especially in dust environment.

    Products Advantages

    The Explosion-Proof pump is used for hazardous Zone1 andZone2 which contains class IIAIIB and IIC volatile gas, aswell as other hazardous location, like Zone21 and Zone22.For those cameras which are equipped with wiper, it can spraywater to the window glass for cleaning.

    MS-WP-SS-ATEX is made of 316L stainless steel, and itsprotection level is IP66.

    • CNEX explosion proof certificate

    • ●  316L Stainless Steel

    • ●  4.5 metres water pump lift head, aluminium alloy material

    • ●  Water pressure flow :1.2L/min

    • ●  The liquid in the kettle must keep noncondensing when the

      temperature is -20°C

    • ●  The altitude heights between the pump's outlet port and the

      spray nozzle must be lower than 4.5 metres.

    • ●  IP66 protection level