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Mine Dial & Page Telephone


The GAI-Tronics Mine Dial/Page Phone system provides the convenience of a telephone station plus paging capabilities, in gaseous or dusty locations where standard telephone equipment is considered too hazardous. Mine Dial / Page Telephones are rated as “permissible” for use in coal mines by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) of the United States Department of Labor (Approval 9B-221).

  • Selective and All-Call Paging

  • Private Conversations

  • Can place and receive outside calls.

  • Each station allows simultaneous,independent conversations on each phone.

  • Emergency page function is automatically enabled if switchboard is out of order, or if power fails.

  • Flashing light designed for use in noisy areas where a ring might not be heard; light also improves ability to locate phone in dark areas

  • For ease of installation, each interface cabinet supports up to 80 extensions

  • 8-hour battery backup