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Cross Protocol Mix-control with RS232/RS422 and IP in

one single system.

Protocol support: Visca, Visca-Over-IP, Pelco D/P, Onvif IP

Multiple controllers control up to total 255 IP/VISCA/PELCO

cameras on a single system.

Supports any brand of Visca Over IP cameras in a same


3-Way simultaneous joystick control.

Supports video router camera switching with PTZ camera control

Power:12VDC, Independent power over control, POE.

Wide range power voltage tolerance: 5V – 48V, provides longer distance power run and suitable for vehicle use.


•Easy, ergonomic PTZ control of multiple remote cameras for live event production and content creation. Applications: Education, Broadcast, Video Conferencing, House of Worship etc.
•This compact remote controller features a high-quality joystick that allows effortless one-handed pan, tilt and zoom adjustments. Zoom can also be controlled via the joystick or a supplementary seesaw lever; dedicated knobs and control buttons simplify direct access to frequently-needed camera functions without needing to use the camera menus.
•Quick Access features include the control of Exposure, Shutter Speed, Iris, Compensation, White Balance, Focus, PT Speed, Zoom Speed.
•The controller supports serial RS232/RS422 and IP mix-control. It allows you to use RS232/RS422/IP control on one controller to control cameras in a single system.
•With IP control, automatically search available IP cameras in the network and assign IP addresses easily.
IP control supports Visca Over IP, Onvif IP.
•Supports 2 groups of 7 cameras per group (2x7) via Visca RS422 daisy chain control. Up to unlimited controllers can operate on a single network to control up to total 255 analog/IP cameras.
•Multi-color Key/Button illumination indicates the status of the camera and control functions.
•Provides PTZ camera configuration file export/import via IP interface capability to
duplicate the keyboard setting to multiple keyboards.
•Up to 255 camera presets with memory of image parameters
and 8 patterns/cruises to recall camera moves. (Requires camera support)
•Up to 6 selectable ASSIGN function key, additional functions
can be assigned to ASSIGN buttons.
•Full compatibility is provided with all  Bolin PTZ cameras
and Sony BRC,SRG series PTZ cameras and most PTZ cameras
in the market that support RS232/RS422/RS485/IP control.
•Compatiable with Black Magic SDI video router, to switch camera
on the router with PTZ camera control.
•Control firmware upgrade is available via USB and IP to keep
the performance of the controller up to date.
•Tally Indicator: Includes Normal Tally/On-Air Tally/Contact Modes