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Sensor de Ocupacion de Areas de Trabajo

MoviSight MS7121, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, is an

AI workplace sensor designed to monitor occupancy & utilization in

modern workspace, which can reach up to 95% recognition rate. With

the ability to sense from up to more than 78 m2, few sensors are

needed to cover the same area, decreasing the deploy costs for

users. Only counter values are transmitted over LoRaWAN® network,

which can prevent the privacy concerns. Based on standard

LoRaWAN® protocol, MS7121 can work with MoviSight LoRaWAN®

gateway and mainstream LoRaWAN® network servers. With easy

installation, MS7121 sensor has great use in shops, malls, offices,

exhibitions, etc.

MoviSight MS7121 sensors are equipped with Wi-Fi for easy configuration

without any configuration tools.