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MS-AI Pilot-640DS Camara Rugged Dual Spectrum

Camara AI Dual Vision Thermal Rugged 


MS-AI Pilot -640DS is a highly cost-effective vehicle-mounted infrared night vision device developed by MoviSight
for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles driving assistance. It integreast intelligent recognition, visual
algorithm and active security warning functions. Through AI learning algorithm, intelligent recognition can be
carried out in different environments. It has strong adaptability to fast and complex scene transformation,
enabling the recognition in dark night, high light (glare), haze, rain, snow and other environments.
MS-AI Pilot-640DS has multiple interfaces such as AHD, RJ45, GMSL and USB. It can be accessed lossless to the
existing NVR vehicle-mounted system of commercial vehicles, or integrated into advanced driver assistance
system (ADAS) or unmanned vehicle (UV).