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DTS DAS DVS Fiber Sensing

MoviSight A1

Device provides vibration and acoustic sensing typically every 2 m along several tens of kilometers with optical fiber cable deployed on or near the infrastructure.

The MoviSight A1 device can be connected to optical fiber cables already in place. It is compatible with standard single-mode or multimode fiber. This system is specifically designed to meet harsh environment requirements with single-ended connection to the optical fiber sensing cable.

MoviSight G-Series Interrogation Units provide Strain and Temperature information typically every 1 m along several tens of kilometers along an optical fiber deployed on the infrastructure.
MoviSight G-Series are ideal for performing accurate andr eal-time monitoring with harsh environment requirements using a portable and autonomous device (MoviSight G1-C) and singlen ded configurations needing only one end of the fiber.

MoviSight T1 (DTS: Distributed Temperature Sensing) measures points continuously and in real-time along the entire length of an infrastructure (a wellbore for instance), with repeatability better than 0.1°C achieved in the field. 

Based on analysis of Raman Stokes and Antistokes signals in an optical fiber, this DTS returns many thousands of measurement points over distances up to 30 km using a multimode fiber, addressing a large field of applications.

Applications: Mine , Pipelines, Perimeter Intrusion, Tunel Monitoring, Security, Intrussion Detection.