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Camara Machine Vision con Deep Learning e Inteligencia Artificial Ready to Use-


Many computer vision tasks are easily be formalized and for that traditional systems are usually the right choice. However, they often reach their limits when the defects are hard to formalize. On top of that, the implementation of such systems requires an image-processing specialist. Machine vision systems based on deep learning technologies often offer a better solution. MS-/CAM-AI-GO Vision Cam AI.go from MoviSight Technologies is a very flexible complete embedded deep learning based machine vision system. VisionAI.go was mainly developed for end-users with little or no experience in the fields of programming or machine vision. The high flexibility of the deep learning camera MS-/CAM-AI-GO Vision Cam AI allows the use of the system in numerous industrial areas of application in order to ensure a reliable check of quality features.

▪Complete embedded deep-learning based machine vision system
▪No machine vision skills required
▪Intuitive web interface for interaction with human user (HMI)
▪Easy handling of parameters and settings
▪Simple use of digital Inputs and Outputs