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4G Solar Powered Traffic Sensing Camera

► NDAA Compliance (The fully NOAA-compliant products are well suited for government, defense and a range of projects subject to the NDAA.)

► Radar Trigger and Q uick Start Capture (Camera can capture high-accuracy images by Radar Trigger technology and intelligent algorithm confirmation. And Quick Start Capture technology ensures timely capture.)

► Wi-Fi Supported (Equipped with Wi-Fi for web GUI configuration.)

► High Compatibility (Snapshots and information captured by the camera can be pushed to the back-end software using MQTT.)

► Easy & Convenient Configuration (WLAN connection allows user to quickly configure the camera on the mobile device web.) 4G Technology

The cost of installing network cables can be reduced thanks to 4G technology, which also allows convenient mobility. Additionally, the backing of Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T offers customers a range of carrier options to suit their demands.

Low Power Consumption

The camera can automatically switch between the low-power operation mode and the working mode according to the environmental conditions, which ensures that the device can be used for a long time and meet diverse environments such as continuous rainy days.

Low Power Consumption

Solar Power Supported

The camera can not only eliminate the tedious wiring process, but also get uninterrupted power outdoors by pairing the cameras with solar panels. In addition, it is equipped with battery and USB Type-C charging port to provide abundant power support, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the camera